Filming: by professional videographer/s using 4K UHD cameras & including action cameras.

Depending on the event type, multiple cameras can be setup to record simultaneously, to capture every angle.

Handheld camcorders with gimbals, tripod mounted cameras with stereo sound recording too.


Photographyby professional photographer/s.

Still photography is still always the best way to capture your best moments, and share them with your family & friends.


Post-Production: your footage will be edited using professional editing software. 

Music overlay / soundtracks of your choice can be added to your video. 

All aspects of post-production, from clip arrangement, right up to color grading and touch ups.

                             I aim to have your video completed within 2 weeks, depending on the size of your project.

                             a 15 second video can also be sent for you to preview first, before the final production. 

Media DeliveryYour completed video can be downloaded online, posted to you on a DVD Disc or a USB Flash Drive.



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